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Mission Statement

The Bexar County Physician Assistant Society’s mission is to serve as an advocate for the Physician Assistant practicing in Bexar County Texas and to enhance the professional interests and working environment of Physician Assistants to best serve our patients and the entire medical care team. It is our mission to foster the educational interests of Physician Assistants by promoting clinical and academic excellence, and providing a forum for assembling and distributing information important to our professional growth.

Whether you are practicing in family/general practice, internal/general medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, occupational medicine, or a related area, the BCPAS is the local organization you can depend on for professional growth.

The Bexar County Physician Assistant Society, formerly South Texas PA Society, was formed in 1978 and incorporated in 1993 as a not for profit organization. The society is located in San Antonio, Texas. All Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners in South Texas and beyond are welcome to join the organization

Thank you to our corporate members!

Honoring a Fellow PA

Recently, BCPAS lost one of our dear colleagues, treasurer of the society, Fellow Lifetime BCPAS member, and friend, PA John Kazen. 

In honor of John's service to BCPAS and the PA community, the BCPAS student scholarship will be renamed The John Kazen, PA-C Memorial Student Scholarship.

If you would like to make a one-time donation to this scholarship, please click the donate button bellow. Thank you, BPCAS

Donate to The John Kazen, PA-C Memorial Student Scholarship

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Past events

11 Apr 2021 April BCPAS BOD Meeting
07 Apr 2021 Session 2. Screening, Identifying and Managing Advanced Liver Disease
18 Mar 2021 March BCPAS Dinner- In-person
03 Mar 2021 BCPAS Virtual Lecture- COVID-19
28 Feb 2021 February BOD Meeting
24 Feb 2021 Screening, Identifying and Managing Advanced Liver Disease in Community Centers
20 Jan 2021 BCPAS January Virtual Dinner
18 Nov 2020 November Virtual Dinner Meeting
05 Nov 2020 2020 Bexar County Physician Assistant Society Annual CME Conference
05 Nov 2020 2020 BCPAS Sponsor Registration
15 Jul 2020 July Virtual Dinner Meeting
30 Jun 2020 A Breakthrough Therapy for X-Linked Hypophosphatemia
27 Jun 2020 6th Annual APP, Nursing and Primary Care Liver Conference
25 Jun 2020 Combo Program: XLH + CRYSVITA
18 Jun 2020 Fabry Disease: Know When to Treat
18 Mar 2020 March Dinner Meeting
19 Feb 2020 February Dinner Meeting
15 Jan 2020 January Dinner Meeting
18 Dec 2019 December Dinner Meeting
01 Nov 2019 2019 Bexar County Physician Assistant Society Annual CME Conference
01 Nov 2019 BCPAS Sponsor Registration
16 Oct 2019 October Dinner Meeting
06 Oct 2019 Bexar County PA Society Job Fair
06 Oct 2019 Bexar County PA Society Job Fair- Exhibitor
18 Sep 2019 September Dinner Meeting
21 Aug 2019 August Dinner Meeting
02 Aug 2019 11th Annual Allergy, Asthma & ENT CME Conference
17 Jul 2019 July Dinner Meeting
19 Jun 2019 June Educational Dinner Meeting
15 May 2019 May Dinner Meeting
20 Apr 2019 CME Symposium- Diabesity
17 Apr 2019 (CANCELLED) April Dinner Meeting
23 Mar 2019 5th Annual GI and Liver Disease Conference for Primary Care and Nursing
23 Mar 2019 5th Annual GI and Liver Disease Conference for Primary Care and Nursing
23 Mar 2019 5th Annual GI and Liver Disease Conference for Primary Care and Nursing
23 Mar 2019 5th Annual GI Liver and Disease Conference for Primary Care and Nursing
20 Mar 2019 March Dinner Meeting
28 Feb 2019 2nd Annual Symposium-AFPPANP
21 Feb 2019 February Dinner Meeting
16 Jan 2019 January Dinner Meeting
13 Dec 2018 December Dinner Meeting
07 Dec 2018 Rio Grande Valley PA Society
02 Nov 2018 Bexar County Physician Assistant Society Annual CME Conference
20 Oct 2018 Central Texas Physician Assistant Society
17 Oct 2018 October Dinner Meeting
27 Sep 2018 September Dinner Meeting
16 Aug 2018 August Dinner Meeting
18 Jul 2018 July Dinner Meeting
20 Jun 2018 June Dinner Meeting
16 May 2018 May Dinner Meeting
18 Apr 2018 April Dinner Meeting
21 Feb 2018 February Dinner Meeting
17 Jan 2018 January Dinner Meeting
07 Dec 2017 December Educational Dinner Meeting
18 Oct 2017 October Educational Dinner
04 Oct 2017 Bring a PA Friend Membership Drive
20 Sep 2017 September Dinner
16 Aug 2017 August Educational Dinner
19 Jul 2017 July Educational Dinner
21 Jun 2017 June Educational Dinner
17 May 2017 May Educational Dinner
19 Apr 2017 April Educational Dinner
24 Mar 2017 Central Texas PA Society Annual CME
22 Mar 2017 March Educational Dinner
15 Feb 2017 February Educational Dinner
18 Jan 2017 January Educational Dinner
14 Dec 2016 December Educational Dinner
16 Nov 2016 November Educational Dinner
21 Oct 2016 Bexar County PA Society Annual CME 2016
08 Oct 2016 Permian Basin PA Society CME
21 Sep 2016 September Educational Dinner
24 Aug 2016 August Educational Dinner
05 Aug 2016 8th Annual Allergy, Asthma & ENT CME Conference
20 Jul 2016 July Educational Dinner
15 Jul 2016 SPAP Annual CME Conference
15 Jun 2016 June Educational Dinner
18 May 2016 May Educational Dinner
20 Apr 2016 April Educational Dinner
29 Mar 2016 March Educational Dinner
11 Mar 2016 Central Texas PA Society Annual CME
17 Feb 2016 February Educational Dinner
20 Jan 2016 January Educational Dinner
16 Dec 2015 December Educational Dinner
06 Nov 2015 Bexar County PA Society CME Conference 2015
22 Oct 2015 October Educational Dinner
17 Sep 2015 September Educational Dinner
20 Aug 2015 August Educational Dinner
07 Aug 2015 7th Annual Allergy, Asthma & Immunology CME Conference
27 Jun 2015 PALS Course
18 Jun 2015 June Educational Dinner
13 Jun 2015 ACLS Course
28 May 2015 May Educational Dinner
16 May 2015 ACLS Course
02 May 2015 PALS Course
22 Apr 2015 April Educational Dinner
18 Apr 2015 PALS Course
10 Apr 2015 Society for Physician Assistants in Pediatrics Annual CME
04 Apr 2015 ACLS Course
25 Mar 2015 March Educational Dinner
21 Mar 2015 ACLS Course
07 Mar 2015 PALS Course
28 Feb 2015 Texas Liver Institute Liver Disease Symposium
26 Feb 2015 February Educational Dinner
26 Feb 2015 BCPAS Board of Directors Meeting
21 Feb 2015 ACLS Course
07 Feb 2015 PALS Course
24 Jan 2015 ACLS Course
22 Jan 2015 January Educational Dinner
18 Dec 2014 December Educational Dinner
07 Nov 2014 Bexar County PA Society Annual CME
16 Oct 2014 October Educational Dinner
18 Sep 2014 September Educational Dinner
20 Aug 2014 August Educational Dinner
01 Aug 2014 Allergy, Asthma & ENT CME Conference
16 Jul 2014 Florastor - Probiotic
19 Jun 2014 New Approaches to Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis and Acute and Chronic Sinusitis, Topical Pain Management Options
15 May 2014 New Obesity Guidelines
16 Apr 2014 April Educational Dinner
19 Mar 2014 An Advanced Treatment for Symptom Relief of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis
20 Feb 2014 A Discussion On Lysosomal Storage Disorders

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Nowhere is this crisis more deeply felt than by the essential workers on the front lines. Dr. Richard Levitan, an airway specialist who has practiced emergency medicine for over 30 years, is well aware of the urgency of their work. When the virus began to overwhelm New York City at the end of March, he rushed from his home in New Hampshire to volunteer at Bellevue Hospital, where he trained. Dr. Levitan recently wrote an op-ed in the New York Times detailing what he's learned from treating COVID-19 patients at Bellevue. He also has co-founded a charitable organization, Prone2Help, which provides healthcare workers with free cushions, since doctors have found placing coronavirus patients on their stomach--called prone positioning--helps increase the amount of oxygen getting to their lungs. Dr. Levitan joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss his work.

Positive Thinking 101: SSG Travis Mills was devastated when a bomb took away all four of his limbs...until a fellow amputee changed his perceptive on life.

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