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Transfer to Ft. Bragg, NC

08 Oct 2014 4:52 PM | Reginald L. Smith

Good afternoon to all,

I would like to thank and appreciate all those who have assisted and worked hard for Bexar County PA Society. As a former Board of Director member, I do know the work you have to put in to make this Society to function and stay financially stable.

I will be working as Civil Service at Womack AMC starting December 1. I hope to see some of you at Oct 16 CME dinner. I will NOT be attending our PA conference due to my recert PA Boards that weekend. Again, I thank all those who supported Bexar County PA Society for so many years.

Reginald L. Smith, PA-C

Former Vice-President and Director at Large BCPAS.


  • 03 Nov 2014 12:45 PM | Barbara Dauerty
    03 Nov 2014 12:39 PM | Barbara Dauerty


    Hi Reggie,

    I was looking for the election ballot, and found your emigration notice instead.
    Lots of stuff going on in your life, Bro!
    First, best of luck on your recert exam. I'm due next year, and would love to finish my Ed.D. first, so I'm not constantly torn between endeavors.
    Then, best of luck in your travels and the new position. Love to hear about that when you get established.

    Last, but most important, I believe I speak for the entire BOD of the BCPAS when I say we will sorely miss you. Your support and good nature have always been membership highlights for me.
    Stay well, safe, and happy.

    Oh! And I have a house where you can stay if NC doesn't work out, or if you just need a place to crash when you visit.

    All the best wishes, and congratulations in any case!


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